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I am an Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UBC (retiring December 31, 2005), and the holder of the MacDonald Dettwiler/NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Radar Remote Sensing. My research interests include synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing algorithm development, SAR interferometry, SAR data encoding, and SAR polarimetry.

I maintain close connections with MacDonald Dettwiler, and collaborate with the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, the Defence Research Establishment Ottawa and the European Space Agency. Many of my students work on research problems in collaboration with MacDonald Dettwiler, and with the other institutions listed above.

I also teach a graduate course in Applied Digital Signal Processing, ELEC 591, in which the processing of SAR data is used as an example. The course also includes other examples from fields such as sonar, speech, communications and navigation, so that students get practical training for applying DSP in industry.

I enjoy travel and outdoors activities such as skiing, hiking, trekking, biking and windsurfing. At this time, I'd rather be here.

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