Alumni of the UBC Radar Remote Sensing Group

Yewlam Neo, Ph.D., 2007

Bistatic SAR processing.

Yewlam is now working for the
DSO National Laboratories in Singapore.

Flavio Wasniewski, M.A.Sc., 2007

Polarimetric SAR data analysis,
Discrete target detection.

Bernds Scheuchl, Ph.D., 2006

Classification of sea ice images
with polarimetric radar.

Bernd is now working for InfoTerra GmbH
in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Shu Li, M.A.Sc., 2005

Doppler estimation.

Millie Sikdar, M.A.Sc., 2005

Soil moisture estimation from
polarimetric SAR data.

Millie is now working for MacDonald Dettwiler

Vincent Yip, M.Eng., 2003

Real-time DSP processing (MPEG)

Vincent is now working for MacDonald Dettwiler.

Vincent Siu, M.Eng., 2003

Real-time DSP processing (MPEG)

Dan Bast, M.A.Sc., 2002

RADARSAT ScanSAR beam edge detection.

Dan is now working for Astrium in England/Germany.

Jing Wang, M.A.Sc., 2002

Compression of polarimetric SAR image data.

Jing is now working for Electro Industries
in Shanghai

Diego's photo

Diego Perea, M.A.Sc., 2000

InSAR Fringe Filtering.

Diego has now enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate
at Concordia University in Montreal.

Mike Seymour, Ph.D., 1999

Improving the algorithms used in interferometric
SAR, including baseline estimation.

Mike is now working at EADS Systems and
Defence Electronics - ISR Geomatics in France.

Tonghua's Photo

Tonghua Zhang, M.A.Sc., 1999

Doppler Estimation.

Rongrong Qiao, Visiting Scientist, 1999

SAR processing.

Rongrong is now working for Alcatel Lucent in Beijing.

Zhaohui Zeng, M.A.Sc., 1999

SAR image encoding and speckle reduction
using wavelets.

Zhaohui is now working as the Project Manager,
Access Division, Telecom Design North America
ST Microelectronics, Inc., 16 Fitzgerald Road,
Nepean, ON Canada K2H 8R6

Joe's photo

Joe Zhang, M.A.Sc., 1998

Using satellite SAR interferometry
to measure glacier motion.

Joe is now working for HP in California.

Sandor's photo

Sandor Albrecht, M.A.Sc., 1998

SAR Processing.

Sandor is now working for Ericsson in Budapest

Dr. Wei Xu, PDF 1995-1998

Phase unwrapping and image simulation
for SAR interferometry.

Wei is now working at ST Electronics
in California.

Yi Guo, M.A.Sc., 1997

Precision processing of burst-mode data.

Yi is now working for InGrid in Berwyn, PA.

Dave's ph

Dr. Dave Michelson, PDF 1995-97

Analysing Polarimetric Radar Data.

Dave is now an Assistant Professor at UBC

Terry Ngo, M.A.Sc., 1997

Vessel wake detection using airborne
along-track interferometry (ATI).

Terry is now working at Datum Telegraphics
in Vancouver.

Cathy's photo

Cathy Vigneron, M.A.Sc., 1996

Doppler Estimation of ScanSAR Data
Cathy is now working at MacDonald Dettwiler.

Peter Meisl, M.A.Sc., 1996

SAR Processor Archirectures

Peter is now working at MacDonald Dettwiler
in Richmond, BC.

Juan's photo

Juan-Luis Valero, research student, 1995-96

Measuring glacier flow with
ERS Tandem Mission data.
Juan-Luis is now working for the
Western European Union in Madrid

Amir's photo

Amir Sharif, research student, 1994-95

Doppler estimation for azimuth-offset airborne SARs.

Amir is now working at Hughes Aircraft in Richmond.

Haleh's photo

Haleh Hobooti, M.A.Sc., 1995

Radiometric correction of SPECAN processors.

Haleh has recently left Spectrum to follow her husband to the US.

Ian's photo

Ian McLeod, M.A.Sc., 1995

SAR raw data compression.

Ian is now working at MacDonald Dettwiler.

Gord's photo

Gordon Davidson, Ph.D., 1994

Processing of Squinted SAR Data using Chirp Scaling.

Gord is now working at MacDonald Dettwiler.

Dave's photo

David Stevens, M.A.Sc., 1994

Motion compensation for airborne
interferometric SAR.
Dave is now working for MacDonald Dettwiler.

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