Kaan's PhotoHi, I'm Kaan Ersahin!

My Academic Background

I received my B.Sc. Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey in 1999. I also worked there as a research assistant during my graduate studies, and received my M.Sc. degree in 2001.

I worked for the ITU Satellite Ground Receiving Station (SAGRES) until December 2002 as the Data Acquisition Facility Manager, during the certification of the ground station co-ordinated with SpotImage, ESA, Radarsat International and Canadian Space Agency. I also participated in some international remote sensing projects that are still on-going.

My Present Work

Since January 2003, I have been a Ph.D. Student under the supervision of Dr. Ian Cumming at the UBC Radar Remote Sensing Group in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of British Columbia. My research interests include: Signal & Image Processing for Remote Sensing, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Wavelets, Classification and Neural Networks.

My Interests

Mountaineering & Rock Climbing Want to see my web site ?

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