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Phase-Preserving Processing of ScanSAR Data with a Modified Range Doppler Algorithm

Frank Wong and David Stevens
MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, Richmond, B.C., Canada
tel: 604-278-3411    fax: 604-278-0531

Ian Cumming
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
tel: 604-822-4623     fax: 604-822-5949

ABSTRACT:--   This paper presents a phase-preserving algorithm for processing ScanSAR data, based on modifications to the well-known RD algorithm.    The azimuth compression stage is modified to isolate each target's energy within the burst regimes. Analysis and simulations verify the phase accuracy of the modified algorithm.

This paper was presented at IGARSS'97, Singapore, August 3-8, 1997, and is published on pages 725-727 of the proceedings.    The UBC work was supported by the NSERC/MDA Industrial research Chair in Radar Remote Sensing.

ian cumming
Fri Sep 5 16:48:53 PDT 1997